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Brooklyn OH Skin Care

Among the various SkinMedica Product currently available, our professional team including Dr. Nassif and Associates at Biddulph Family Dental proudly provide Juvederm® injections to our patients. Juvederm® is typically used to smooth and reduce the appearance of lines or severity of folds located in the lower portion of your face. This treatment is designed to plump the area in which it is injected and may also be used to add volume to your lips. This particular treatment may be scheduled with various cosmetic dental restorations and will compliment your restorative results. Your Brooklyn OH skin care regimen may include a Juvederm® treatment by board-certified and extensively experienced Dr. Nassif.

Brooklyn OH skin care

Brooklyn OH skin care

The first step in your Brooklyn OH skin care service at Biddulph Family Dental is to schedule a convenient appointment for a consultation. Our team of highly qualified and well trained professionals will be happy to assist you with setting up your appointment as well as discussing the additional services we offer and SkinMedica Products and treatments available. We encourage you to fully participate in an in-depth discussion and expressing your visual appearance goals. We will provide specific details as they relate to your specific and individual course of treatment. Many of our patients opt to schedule more than one service during a particular visit and our knowledgeable staff will able to identify the order in which you can receive your treatments. We can also provide you with information related to the financial aspect of your service once your regimen has been agreed upon.

At Biddulph Family Dental, we understand your desire to look youthful, healthy and vibrant. In addition to offering superior dental services to ensure your naturally beautiful smile looks its best, we provide exceptional Brooklyn OH skin care services and treatments using SKinMedica Products. We look forward to meeting you and putting together a plan that will allow you to achieve the look of your dreams using the latest technologies, most modern methods and innovative products. Before you leave our office, our knowledgeable staff we will also recommend any home care regimens that will support your newly enhanced appearance.

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