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Teeth Whitening in 44144

Top dentist in 44144

Teeth whitening in 44144

Teeth whitening in 44144

Our teeth whitening in 44144, whether we do it here at our office or we arrange for you to do it yourself at home, is the most effective and safe way to get back the brighter smile you’ve been wanting. Don’t depend on products you find on your store shelves. They can contain abrasive ingredients that damage your tooth enamel. And you won’t be able to get the impressive and quick results that we can provide for you here at Biddulph Family Dental.

Our in-office teeth whitening in 44144 is done in under an hour. Our cosmetic dentist does it painlessly and you can walk out with a brand new smile. However, there is another popular method, and that is our at-home option. Custom-made whitening trays will be created to fit your mouth perfectly. You will simply wear one for two to three hours at night. It’s passive, so you can go about your business and whatever your normal evening routine is. In some cases, such as if your teeth are especially discolored or stained, you may need to wear the tray overnight. The typical regimen is about two to three weeks of using the trays. You will then return to our office so that our cosmetic dentist can evaluate your progress. Certainly, there are plenty of obstacles that get in the way of having white teeth. Among the culprits are tobacco, and that includes smokeless versions; tea, coffee, red wine, and cola; and berries, soy sauce, and curry. Prescription medications can sometimes lead to discoloration, too. A good example is tetracycline. Consider our teeth whitening in 44144 the solution for all that. And while the effects are not permanent, they will last a year or maybe even several years, depending on how you maintain your teeth afterward.

Schedule an appointment to get started. Soon you will be happy with what you see when you look at your teeth in the mirror.

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