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Are you searching for cheap implants near me in Northeast Ohio? Contact Dr. Marino & Associates. We provide effective dental care for those who need an affordable solution. We have a team of experienced dental implant specialists, so you can find the implant procedures you need that fit within your budget.

Dental implants act as a permanent replacement for missing, decayed and broken teeth. They also look and feel like natural teeth. With the help of Dr. Marino & Associates, you can restore confidence in your smile and make talking and eating more comfortable. We have had over 7,000 patients choose our dental professionals for effective and affordable care. If you are looking for cheap implants near me, we have six practices in the Cleveland and Akron areas, so you can find the most convenient location.

Dr. Marino & Associates provides same-day, singular dental implants, all on 4 implants, secure upper dentures and secure lower dentures. Read below to learn more about our dental implant services:

Single Implant 

If you have only a single tooth missing, a dental-implant-supported crown is likely your best option. These implants almost perfectly replicate a natural tooth. This implant also has many advantages in comparison to three-unit fixed bridge implants. They will maintain the integrity of your natural teeth adjacent to the implant, while also preventing progressive bone loss. Additionally, single dental implants will not decay and are much easier to clean and maintain than a three-unit fixed bridge.

Typically, single dental implants can cost as high as $4,500; however, we can perform implant, abutment and crown procedures for as low as $1,955 (exclusions may apply). We can also perform all these procedures at each of our six locations.

Are dental implants right for you?

First, each patient needs to schedule a complimentary consultation with our dental implant specialists. This will allow us to accurately discern whether you are an eligible candidate for dental implants. You need healthy gums and bone tissue in order to ensure the implants will secure to the jawbone effectively. Our team of dental care professionals can determine that you have no disqualifying conditions and begin preparing your procedure.

Our general dentists and oral surgeons have extensive training in the placement and restoration of dental implants. We will perform a full dental exam, including your medical and dental history, X-rays and a CT scan, which checks your bone density and jaw shape.

If a patient does not have enough gum tissue, we may perform dental bone grafts. This procedure will strengthen the area where your dental implant will be placed. It is also virtually painless, and sedation is a viable option for many patients.

Gum and bone tissue health is a necessity in dental implant surgeries. If you consume tobacco products, you will probably need to quit to be eligible for implant procedures. Tobacco users tend to have weaker gum and bone tissue, so they are considered for these procedures less often.

For those wondering about dental insurance, it is possible it will cover your implants, so be sure to check with your provider before the procedure or ask our staff for help. Additionally, we offer CareCredit financing when necessary.

Secure Upper Dentures

Upper dentures have an unfortunate tendency to decrease in stability over time. In many cases, the covered roof of the mouth also makes eating uncomfortable. Our dentists, however, can increase the stability of the upper denture by implementing 4 implants at the cost of $4,222 (exclusions may apply). We can place implants and modify your existing dentures, which will expose the roof of your mouth. Thus, eating will be comfortable again, and you can have more confidence in your teeth.

Dr. Marino & Associates Cheap Implants Near Me

Secure Lower Dentures

A full lower denture can improve your smile and provide support for facial contours. However, lower dentures can be difficult to keep in place due to their horseshoe shape and the space for the tongue. Additionally, those with lower dentures often struggle with speaking and chewing, which can decrease their self-confidence. We can add two dental implants to secure lower dentures for just $2,160 (exclusions may apply). As a result, our patients can achieve more stability in their dentures, so they feel like real teeth.

Dr. Marino & Associates Cheap Implants Near Me

All On 4 Implants

What does All On 4 mean?

All On 4 describes a procedure during which the upper and lower jaw receive a total of four, five or sometimes six dental implants. This appointment includes implant surgery as well as the recovery period. You will go home with an entire set of strong teeth attached to the implants by the end of your appointment. This is the optimal procedure for those missing all their teeth or those experiencing tooth decay or gum disease.

How long will All On 4 implants last?

All on 4 dental implants are designed as a permanent solution for missing teeth. These implants can last up to 20 years with an effective, regular dental hygiene routine. Furthermore, All On 4 implants have a long-term success rate of 94 percent or more after 10 years.

Dr. Marino & Associates | Cheap Implants Near Me 

For cheap implants near me in Northeast Ohio, contact Dr. Marino & Associates, so you can get the affordable and effective dental care you need.