Old Brooklyn OH Cosmetic Dentist

Teeth Whitening in Old Brooklyn OH

Old Brooklyn OH Cosmetic Dentist

Old Brooklyn OH Cosmetic Dentist

Teeth whitening is a safe, effective, and quick process when you turn to us at Biddulph Family Dental. We’re pleased to offer you two easy options. You can come in to our dental office and have your teeth bleached by our Old Brooklyn OH cosmetic dentist. Or, if you prefer the convenience, choose our take home version that you can do on your own. Don’t worry. It’s simple and we’ll make sure that you understand exactly how to do it before you leave our office.

Let’s consider how your teeth come to need whitening in the first place. There is a natural part of aging in which your tooth enamel wears down. The tissue beneath it is duller and less white than enamel, and so as you get older, your teeth lose some of their luster. But many other reasons why your teeth become stained or discolored have to do with your personal habits. Do you drink red wine, coffee, or tea on a regular basis? Many people do. And those beverages are known to affect the coloring of your teeth. Soy sauce, curry, and berries are among the foods that have a major effect on whiteness. Some prescription drugs, notably tetracycline, also do so. And, of course, tobacco use (both smoking and smokeless versions) are culprits in losing your smile’s brilliance. Luckily, our Old Brooklyn OH cosmetic dentist has the solution.

When you have teeth bleaching done at our office, the results you get tend to be quicker, because we can use a stronger concentration. But the home version is also very efficient and within days you will have noticeably whiter teeth. Most patients will do home whitening treatments for two to three weeks before returning for an evaluation by our Old Brooklyn OH cosmetic dentist.

You can expect the outcome of teeth whitening, either done here at our office or at home by you, to last anywhere from one to three years. The exact amount of time will vary by individual. For example, if you’re a heavy smoker or a big coffee drinker, you’ll be likely to go less time before needing further whitening treatments by our Old Brooklyn OH cosmetic dentist.

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